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YEEHAA let's begin with cars 1-12

i got my first one when i was 20 years old, and i paid 1700 for it. it was a 318 california car with no rust that needed very little work.. i spent about $2000 fixing it up, and kept it a year. i got  an offer for $10,500 for it after about a year, and being 20 years old, do you think you would take $7k profit? of course, so there went car went to massachusetts where it got a 440 dropped in it and is all over car shows up there when the weather is pretty.. i still regret selling that one. oh well. little did i know there would be plenty more to come. 
              this second car was only bought as a parts car for the 69. i debated this one for a while, it was a 68 R/T  no motor no tranny rust bucket for $400 bucks. it sat in a guy's yard in a busy section of town for 6 months and nobody bought it. he had drug it out of a POND where it had sat for over 2 years underwater.. YEP underwater!. after talking with some friends they all told me it was not worth it.. but it was a charger, and i wanted it.. so i got it. sold a couple parts off of it for good money and then i realized that chargers could make me some good money. so this is where my attention went for a while.. (which i now regret). i started looking for them on purpose then. i ended up selling the 1968 r/t body to a man in michigan for $800 who is still fixing it up.
        car #3:  1969 charger, saw it on traderonline for $3000 bucks, talked him down to $2700 and went to get it.. had a later 318 in it ran and drove but not great, was 318 car originally. i towed it back 12 hours to baton rouge.. i stripped it down thinking it would be my next nice charger to fix up.. boy it kinda spoils you having your first charger come from california, after that they all look bad.  :) . anyway after stripping it i found that it was pretty rough, so i put it up for sale.. sold it for $2700 to a lady in new york , who is still fixing it up too.
       my 4th charger was a  68 that came from an older man in alabama who bought it used in 1969 with 4000 miles on it. he has had it all this time till 2001. i bought it based on a couple pics in the mail for $2100 dollars. most original car i have ever had, triple green, but boy did it have some rust. he had left it outside all these years, and his daughter had taken it to Auburn university for 4 years in 93-97, and it got semi retired after that.. anyway, i towed it back home, it ran but not great.. it ended up going to georgia and i don't know what happened to it by now.. i kept it only about  3 months..
            the fifth charger came from arizona. i found it on a small website and paid $1300 for it. had a 400 with an almost rust free body, but didn't run..i bought my 6th charger at the same time (another california car, which i didn't let go of this time), they both came in on the same car carrier which was pretty cool. well i had 2 at once this time, so i didn't know what to do. i was so excited.. but the california car was a little nicer, so i decided to sell the other arizona car to fund the cali car, so i did..i sold it for $2650 to a guy and his dad from florida.
       car # 6 like i said before was from california.. it is my baby , and the one you see at the beginning of the website. i will have many stories and info on this one later, so i won't bore you now. facts- paid $2500 for it, numbers matching 383 with aftermarket sunroof, in gray primer. well just call it "the keeper" for future reference in the story.
        the 7th charger was a very good parts car that i had known about here in gonzales,  louisiana for  a long time but could never get. see it was in a  lady's yard who owned another 383 nice green charger, and wouldn't let the parts car go for ANYTHING because every time something went wrong on hers she'd get parts off this one.. hey there's an idea. :) so i let it go.. well a few months later i found out the pair had been sold and the guy that bought them had since sold the green one.. well what happened to the parts car? i tracked him down.. he had NOT let it go with the other one for some reason, so i asked if i could get it, i had offered the lady $500 a few times, never got a yes, this guy says,  "you can have it for $300 but you have to go to mississippi and get it.. my wrecker buddy took it up there". well that was no problem for me, so i went to get it. had very nice parts on it which i used on my keeper( #6 ) and some i sold to fund my good one. it was a numbers matching 383 car, had a locked up rear end, and i drug it to my back yard where it now resides indefinitely. it has nothing good left on it, it's a rotted out shell with a watered down motor.. wish it could have been saved, but it is a  lost cause.
on the 8th day of christmas.. getting bored yet? well if not, read on.. car #8 was a 1968 charger that i saw in the local news on wheels magazine for $2500 witha 440. runs but needs body work and paint.. did it need body work, it had been crushed on the back  pass quarter panel and part of the tail panel. it was very restorable, but i am no body man.. i did talk the guy down to $1700 with a good running 440 (was  a 383 car though) original R4 red which is pretty uncommon, so i bought it. kept it a couple months and decided that it was just going to sit. i had my hands full already.. so i sold it to a guy in shreveport louisiana for $3000 . now i was starting to accumulate some money to fix up my general lee project car.. so meanwhile my keeper is in the shop getting body and paint done by this time.
        car #9 . this is probably the coolest story ever. i heard about this car in ponchatoula louisiana, about 40 minutes away. heard the guy had 2 69 chargers. so of course i go to see him.. he has a nice 69 shell which he is currently restoring, and an 80's job rusty general lee.. it may have been rusty, but it was a banana yellow 383/4 speed  numbers matching car.. pretty rare. he was going to use it for parts.. i couldn't let that happen, it was too restorable and desirable. after talking to him, i asked what all he needed for his car that he was going to take off for his.. after he told me.. grill, dash, cluster, rear end, driveshaft, etc.. i remembered.. hey i have that good parts car i got for $300.. i had already made $300 on it in parts.. so i said the stupidest thing i have ever said.. i asked him if i gave him all those parts he needed would he let me have the car.. he said "let me  think about it".. i figured well good try but he'll call and say nop. within a week i received a phone call and he had agreed to it!!! are you kidding me, a FREE numbers matching 383/4 speed car? you've got to be joking. well, needless to say, it's the cheapest charger i have ever bought.. i kept it for a few months as well, swapped it's perfect grill with my so so grill, and let it go to a guy in tennessee who restores mopars. i couldn't have done that car justice, so i gave it to someone who would. the car is now restored and is brought back to it's glory days.. yippee!!
car #10..and #11.. they are cars found in gulf shores, alabama, and were sold to me for $2000 as a package deal. one was a green 69 R/T with no motor, tranny, and covered with rust.. the second was a 69 318 car loaded with good parts and power windows.. i sold the r/t to recoup my money on buying these 2, then kept the parts car. i still have this one as well, even the rare power windows!
car #12 i found in a small town called liberty mississppi.. it was a 70 charger, originally a 318, but had a nice running 360 in it. the car was in primer.. i got it for $1500 bucks after some negotiating and drove it home. brakes were a little squirrely and the gas "tank" was a big old tank out of a ford stuck in the truck.. gotta love that.. anyway i kept it for a while, but the car was hiding a lot under the primer.. so i decided to sell it.. it is now in georgia and has been turned into a general last i heard..

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