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here are some more of my cars that i have bought.. by this point one has to wonder if i am a nutcase, or i just LOVE dodge chargers.. i think it's a little of both.. once you get mopar fever, it's hard to stop.. :) Edit Text

#13.. this car was in tennessee, i found it on moparts.. they were asking 2500 for it.. i talked them down to 1800 for it + 700 to ship it to louisiana. it was a good running 318 car, with rust in the tail panel, and some in the lower quarters.. the grill got busted in shipping.. it was a good one too, go figure.. well i kept this one a LONG time until about september of this year.. i ended up primering this car yellow before i got rid of it.. it was multicolored before. currently the car is in oklahoma and it is almost done in the paint booth.. i sold it for 3800 and decided to look for some more.. :)
okay we're up to #14.. stay with me now!
#14 was a good one.. i was told one day at work by a coworker that his friend collected 71-74 chargers, but had recently gotten a 70 parts car just for the motor and tranny.. and would like to sell the car for $300 bucks.. well i can always scrounge up $300 for a parts car. this one turned out to be a 70 charger R/T with it's original hemi orange paint and black longitudinal stripe still on it! needless to say i was excited.. no the motor and tranny that got taken out weren't numbers matching.. they were out of a 69 roadrunner, motor being a 383 HP. well.. the car was rusted in more places than you can imagine, it had sat near baton rouge outside near a tree since 1978.. when it got found. i swear you would have thought this car came from canada.. shame too, being a real R/T. well i started parting it and got lots of parts in trade to fix up my 69 general.. new disc brakes, etc.. the car is still at my house.. if for no other reason than just to say i have an R/T in my yard.. :) 
car #15 was also a 1970 Dodge charger R/T, bought from the same guy that i bought cars #10-11 from. he ws moving and needed to sell his good one out of the three. it was a numbers matching 440 with a 69 front clip on it.. ran like a scalded ape.. i talked him down from $5500 to $2800 when he got desperate enough and went and got it.. somehow in the month when i bought it/saw it last) till i went to get it, he managed to throw a rod in the engine.. :( that sucked..SO he had already moved, so the car was mine.. i sold it later that summer and the car now resides in england.
#16 i happened across about a block from my house! no kidding. some end up being right under your nose and you never know it. this was a 318 charger with a later 440 in it.. ran but not good. i gave the man $1500 for it.. kept it for maybe a month and sold it to a really cool dude in dallas TX who still has it and is almost done with it as of dec 2004.
#17 was an ebay car.. i got it for $250 as a parts car. it was near dallas tx. i bought it based off of pics.. just the grill was worth the $250 to me.. well i go get it, and lo and behold, it's a 4 speed car. the pedals and hump were still in it. too bad the car was rotten to death. it would have been worth fixing. as it was, i sold some parts off of it, and now the car sits in a buddy's junkyard near new orleans LA. rest in peace my little 4 speed car. :)
the next charger i bought in late 2002. it was from a very nice guy in liberty, MS. my uncle found it for me while on his postal route. i first saw it in early 2001.. and i had to work with the guy for a while go get it. it started at $3000 and finally came down to $1700 when i got  it.. with a REBUILT standard bore 440/727.. the car itself was pretty cool. it was a rare car as far as color combos. it was a green 383/2 barrel car, BUT it was an SE 500.. not TOO many of those made, but the weird thing was it was green with TAN interior. i have never seen another one like it. green with tan interior and woodgrain. pretty odd. anyway i pulled the 440 for my general(the keeper if you can even remember back to car #7). i put a 400 back into it and sold the car about 6 months later running and driving to a guy in canada for $3800
the 19th charger was found in a barn in virginia. a buddy of mine through AOL IM had it, and when he got ready to sell it, asked me if i wanted it.. well $1250 for a 67k banana yellow 70 charger #'s matching is hard to pass up. sure she had some rust, but overall it was a good car. even the floors had nice paint on them. MINT black interior.. i had $1950 in it by the time i shipped it to Louisiana. anyway i kept this car for a long time, thinking i would "fix er up someday" well i ended up letting someone else do it. sold it to a guy in arizona for $3600
20. WHEW i took a break for almost 6 months  without buying one. they were starting to get hard to find, and i was working 2 jobs, but i digress..chargers are what we are here for. around april 2003 my friend jeff found this 68 charger for me. the car came as a package deal in mississippi. one was $1000 dollars and the 1968 dodge charger "parts car" came with it. well my good buddy justin up in jackson, MS had me on the lokout for him a charger to restore.. as luck would have it, i couldn't even scrape up $1000 at the time.. so i hooked him up with the good car, and went and picked them both up, taking the parts car as part of the deal for finding him a good car and picking it up. so here i am with a free car. i get it home, and we find out the car is #100044. 383/4 barrel, a/c 4 speed car.. WITH TIC TOC TACH! . it was a pretty rare car, and very cool back in it's day. i kept this car over a year and a half until Oct. 2004. i donated it to jonathan and shelly of they are goingto build the car, and hopefully one day it wil be the official car of the website.
i bought my next charger (#22)in Oct. 2003 from shreveport LA. my buddy jeff also found me this car(he looks REALLY hard for chargers). the old guy had it in his mechanic shop since 1997. it came with a good 72 440 motor and all. i bought the car for the huge sum of $500 dollars.. drug it up on a trailer. it had a  little front frame damage, but the body was not real bad. i sold it in early 2004 for $3500 to a guy in california, i think it has been for sale on ebay again in the past few months
charger #22 was bought in shreveport in nov. 2003.(do you think i have learned how togo to shreveport? this place bred chargers). anywho, i got it for $1700. it cranked up, but the carb was so bad it flooded and caught the grass on fire underneath. needless to say, i just pushed it on the trailer and brought it home. the car needed work for sure. but it had 79k original miles, a later non original 400 in it. well i ended up trading it for the 73 roadrunner you see on the other mopars page. since then, my buddy Mark has done TONS of work to the car, it now runs and drives and is in black primer. he JUST sold it last week(nov. 30, 2004) for $8100 to a guy in california. hopefully the car wil get finished up, as it is a cool charger
cars #23 and #24 were a package deal of 2 chargers over in albany GA. i got them on dec 19th, 2003. the first was a 70 R/T that had a pretty good body but has bad floors and trunk.. and a spot on the frame. a 69 parts car was the other, it came with it, along witha 10x12 storage building FULL of parts.  i bought both cars and all parts for $1500. the 70 R/T has been sold a couple months ago to a guy in canada for $3200. the parts car was sold to a guy in new orleans for $1000 to help fix up a 69 R/T 4 speed dana 60 car.
go take a break(for a few weeks) and when you get bored come back and read some more

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